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Q: What is Overnight Parts From Japan?
A: We are a Auto Parts "Retail Distributor" defined as we sell to both consumer and business. (B2C and B2B) Read more at our About Us page.

Q: Can I use a Debit Card / Credit Card to checkout?
A: Under $400 Only - Inside the Lower 48 - Bill and Shipping Same Address - Must Pass Address Verification - Parts Must Be Available

Q: What is your most common payment method for a first time buyer?
A: Our most common and simplest way is with an ACH wire transfer. Using this payment method prevents fraud, and is inexpensive. This also establishes your customer account, hosted via your email address. Once your first order is complete, we recommend setting up ACH payment method, which faster service.

Q: Where do my parts ship from?
A: Depending on the Brand, your parts will most likely ship from one of our networking distributors. We locate the closest one to your location, and have it shipped from there. It all depends on the brand of the product. This is why each of our products has the "Availability" on special order parts. This way you will know the lead time for your product to ship.

Q: Do you ship international?
A: Yes, we do ship internationally to approved customers only. For shipping questions, we have a full page HERE.

Q: What is the best way to get in contact with a live representative?
A: Call US! 269-775-1388
A: Emailing us is the best way for our staff to respond to everyone quickly and efficiently. Leave a contact number, YMM, and details about your questions, and a live representative will reach. This also allows for clearer messages, and we can review information better.