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First Time Customers
At Overnight Parts From Japan, we are innovative to create an account based relationship with our customers. All customers with Overnight Parts From Japan must first establish a free Retail Account. You can do this online when placing your first order. After you will be assigned a Live Sales Representative, who will be personally handling your account. Once we approve your payment method for processing, you will be able to place orders freely without interruption. If you place your first order online, your Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours, with your estimated time of arrival of your parts.

We do not allow anonymous checkout / anonymous payment. Period.
Credit Card Fraud is the number one risk for eCommerce based companies like ourselves. Our program at Overnight Parts From Japan has eliminated this risk by establishing customer accounts and secure payment methods. Simply place a PO, and we will route you to a Live Sales Rep, who will help process your payment. We offer many payment options for different styles of purchases. May it be International, express shipping order, or local checkout.

How to Setup Your Retail Account Online

1. Add Products to Cart
2. One Page Checkout
3. Select "Purchase Order" As Payment Method
4. Submit Order
5. Receive Payment Request Via Email
6. Pay for Purchase Order (PO)

A Sales Rep will reach out to you within 24 hours for setting up your payment.