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1. Create an Online Customer Account
2. Email Sales@ONPFJ.com a Completed Membership Application
3. Email Sales@ONPFJ.com a Completed Payment Authorization Form

Our approval process for Member Accounts us unique in the industry. We base your eligibility based on the style of payment you are using. Only Membership Pricing is granted to those who pay via ACH Payement. We have a very diverse group of customers from all over the world, and this payment method gets parts to you fast. . From Race Teams to DIY Builders, an Overnight Parts From Japan Membership Account is great parts solution.

Q: Why a should I want a a Free ONPFJ.com Member account?
A: Once logged in, YOU receive B2B Pricing, which is about 10-15% off per brand, as it varies.

Q: Whats the catch? Why do we get better pricing once we become a member?
A: Because we process our Membership Accounts payments via ACH, which is almost 5% more economical than high rate Visa/Mastercard payments. This also abolishes our risk of credit card fraud, creating a more robust, efficient and faster system. Did we mention that ACH Payments also transfers 3 days faster? That's why we are Overnight Parts From Japan!

Q: Ok, if you don't take my debit card, how do we pay?
A: When you fill out our ACH Authorization Form, you are allowing us to direct debit your checking account on your submitted online orders. We never process a charge until parts availability is verified. This drastically cuts back on refunds from orders that are no longer manufactured or available. If your part is not available, you will be notified via email of the cancellation, with any superseded or updated information, and you would never get charged. When the part is available, you will be billed within 24 hours, as availability is confirmed. If your part is over two weeks of lead time, you will be notified by your sales rep with custom lead time options.

Q: You don't auto debit Monthly like Netflix do you?
A: No! - There are No Monthly Fees, or Hidden Fees of Any Type. You simply need a checking account, Membership Application, and a Payment Authorization Form. You will only be charged for orders you place. We do not have monthly billing cycle of any type. Free Membership Accounts, once you have completed a our simple application process.

First Time Customers
At Overnight Parts From Japan, we are innovative to create an account based relationship with our customers. All customers with Overnight Parts From Japan must first establish a free Retail Account. You can do this online, when placing your first order. After you will be assigned a Live Sales Representative, who will be personally handling your account. Once we setup your payment gateway (ACH) you will be able to place orders freely without interruption. If you place your first order online, your Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours, with your estimated time of arrival of your parts.
We do not allow anonymous checkout / anonymous payment. Period.
Online Credit Card Fraud is the number one risk for eCommerce based companies like ourselves. Our sales program at Overnight Parts From Japan has eliminated this risk by establishing customer accounts and secure payment methods. This speeds up our processing times with our screened customers, and allows better pricing. Once your are setup with us, we can process orders without merchant processing risks, delays, and fees.
How does it work?
Once you have been approved for a Membership Account, your pricing will change through out the website. Simply login with your username and password, and your Membership Pricing will appear. Simply add parts to cart, total up shipping, and send your orders in. Your orders, tracking numbers, payment logs, store credits, and returns can all be viewed in your My Account Customer Dashboard.